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Why Alpine Fresh

We are NZ's leading specialised inline water cooler company.

Imagine a constant supply of cool clear water. No more bottle refills, no more running out of water, no more re-ordering or waiting for bottles to be delivered - then imagine no more.

With an Alpine Fresh self filling water cooler it's so simple and so much better for the environment. They're easy to install and with our user friendly contracts you won't look back.


With an Alpine Fresh self filling water cooler you have no expensive bottle refills and delivery costs to pay. You simply never run out of cool clear water as it is connected into your existing water source.

So now your team don't need to go down the road to buy expensive bottles of water, they simply go to the cooler and fill their bottles with pure cool alpine fresh water.


Because Alpine Fresh self filling water coolers are connected to your existing water source, you'll have an unlimited supply of water that will never run out. Unlike bottle water coolers that rely on you ordering the bottles.

You'll always have cool water on tap and won't have to wait for it to cool the water unlike bottled water coolers. A big plus also is that you don't have bottle storage issues as there are none.


With an Alpine Fresh self filling water cooler you are been kind to the environment. Unlike bottled water coolers there's no trucks running around using fossil fuels delivering plastic bottles that in the end will need to be disposed of.

By using a self filling water cooler you're doing your bit to help reduce your carbon foot print. Remember it may only seem a small contribution to our planet but if everybody did their bit it would make a difference.

At Alpine Fresh we're so committed to preserving our environment we've designed enviro cups which you can purchase to go along with your cooler.


Because Alpine Fresh self filling water coolers are connected directly to your water resource the water is not stored and is filtered and delivered fresh from the source.

Considering the majority of our bodies are made up of water at Alpine Fresh we believe it's important to make sure that the water we replenish them with is filtered to the highest standards.

Plus with an Alpine Fresh self filling water cooler there's no lugging or lifting of heavy bottles which can only be good for your teams health and wellbeing.

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No large refill bottles, No plastic refill bottles, Low carbon footprint

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