Pure drinking water for NZ workplaces

Self filling water coolers

Alpine Fresh is NZ's leading provider of filtered drinking water solutions for healthier workplaces.

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Self filling water coolers for offices and workplaces.

Fully serviced and available on simple and easy rental terms.

Modern water coolers

Fresh, clean white is always a good choice but if your cooler is located at reception or in a more public zone, the smart modern titanium finish would add to your furnishings.

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Clean healthy drinking water for your staff



Eco friendly solutions and no plastic bottles



Unlimited supply of clean filtered water



No bottle refills & delivery costs to pay

Under bench

We have under bench and bench top options for office kitchens. These provide clean filtered water with instant hot and chilled water faucets a great replacement for your old zip hot water heater.

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Water filtration with instant hot & chilled water.

Fully serviced and available on simple and easy rental terms.

Full service plans

We provide a full service plan with our water systems. Our technicians are all trained in our 5 step super sanitization method, so you can be assured that quality drinking water standards are maintained.

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No large refill bottles, No plastic refill bottles, Low carbon footprint

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