Water has a long and hazardous journey from the reservoir to your business or home and the water that comes out of your tap can be highly contaminated with additives including....

  • Chlorine: added to disinfect the water in transit
  • Chemicals: added to kill 'bugs' and/or from reservoir pollution
  • Insecticides / pesticides: from farm run-off into the reservoir
  • Asbestos fibres: from old fibre cement pipes
  • Giardia / Cryptosporidium: both cysts that can resist chemicals

Your tap water could taste unpleasant and be less than healthy for your staff.

Here’s how your tap water could be affected

Why water is so important?

The average person loses more than 3 litres of water a day through exhalation (lungs), perspiration (skin), and body waste (kidneys and bowel). So our body is in constant need of at least 2 litres, or 8 glasses, of pure water, a day just to enable these four organs to function properly and maintain optimum health.

In fact, athletes, nursing mothers and people involved in physical activity, special diets or weight loss programs should drink more than the recommended 8 glasses of pure water.

Tea, coffee, alcohol and cordials all dehydrate us more, so we need to drink more pure water to compensate if we want our body to function effectively.

Using AlpineFresh filtered water

It is a fact we consider using fresh filtered water only for drinking, but there are many other beneficial uses for filtered water in our daily lives, including...


For hot drinks (Tea, coffee, etc)

Ice Cubes

Home Brew

Pets’ water

In Fish Tanks

Indoor plants & flowers

Filling the Iron