The No-Refills Water Cooler

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Water Coolers Range from Alpine Fresh

Stylish, free-standing, convenient.

Our most popular models are the free-standing Water Coolers which can be located almost anywhere in an office or workplace situation - at approximately 150 metres from any water source.

With our years of experience we can talk you through the best location for the model you choose, or maybe recommend a mix of the models available for various locations throughout your premises.

We have ensured our water coolers use only eco-friendly refrigerant in the chilling of our water and have a unique safety valve assembly for fail-safe use in the workplace.

The easy, out-of-sight installation also makes sure you don’t have stacks of unsightly water bottles anywhere in the office.

D19 Series

Smart, modern styling in clean, fresh finish with either hot/cold or cold/cool temperature options.
The D19 series uses KDF/GAC slim line filters.

YL-600P Series

Our stylish, modern water fountains are ideal for high-use or industrial use.
Providing you filtered and chilled water also comes with a stylish tap which allows to fill up the bottles.