Pure drinking water for NZ workplaces

Whole of house filters

Our whole of house water filtration systems are fitted between your Council mains water supply and your home or business premises, bringing you pure, untainted and clean water for all your daily activities.

Your mains water quality

Our mains water supply has a long journey from its source to your home and is often treated or contaminated along the way by:

  • Chlorine - added to disinfect the water in transit
  • Chemicals - added to kill bugs
  • Insecticides/pesticides - from farm run-off into the reservoir
  • Asbestos fibres - from old fibre cement pipes
  • Giardia/Cryptosporidium - both cysts that can resist chemicals

Installing a mains line water filtration system eliminates all these factors.

What comes out your tap will be clean, pure, chemical free water, safe for the most sensitive or youngest members of your household to enjoy daily.

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