Our comprehensive AlpineFresh rental plan covers everything from the installation of your new No-Refills Water Cooler to regular servicing by our technicians. Do it once and your workplace will enjoy cool, clean, convenient water every day, all day without the hassles of re-ordering or running out.

Importantly, we know how busy you are running a business, just call us and we can take care of the changeover from your existing Water Cooler system to our No-Refills System. It’s easy, and costs no extra.


We will install your new AlpineFresh No-Refills Water Cooler as part of your plan and discuss the best location with you - they can be up to 150 metres from a water source; in a shared kitchen situation; or standalone offices without a kitchen. With our years of experience we can always find the ideal solution.

Rental Servicing Plan

Your plan also includes a servicing plan to keep your water fresh and clean at all times. Each AlpineFresh Water Cooler is serviced every 12 months by one of our technicians and the filter is changed annually.

Service-Only Plan

If you already own a No-Refills (In-line) Water Cooler we can also offer a maintenance service contract for ongoing upkeep- the only difference is we charge for each visit. Please contact us for more details.

Moving offices

It doesn’t matter how often you re-locate your business, your AlpineFresh No-Refills Water Cooler can go with you. Our installation experts are available to move coolers between premises anywhere in NZ.


If for any reason your cooler has a fault or has been damaged we aim to have the situation assessed and resolved within 24 hours. If it is going to take longer to fix the problem we will swap your cooler out for a new one.

Other services offered

Free site assessment by a member of our Sales Team

Assistance in changing from your existing Water Cooler system to an AlpineFresh No-Refills Watercooler.

A friendly team of staff, available to answer questions and assist wherever we can.

A speedy cup delivery service (24-48hr turnaround time, anywhere in NZ)

Sale of CBC10 filters for use in residential water purifiers.


Our  philosophy

100% NZ owned

Green philosophy

Personal attention

Nationwide team

Always there to help