We always welcome questions and suggestions from our customers and have listed the facts most people want to know about. Of course if there are any other questions you want to ask don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll answer promptly.

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Q) We would like to install an Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler in our reception area but there is no water supply there. Can we still do this?

A) This is no problem as we can install our coolers up to 150 metres from a water supply.

Q) How much does it cost us to install an Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler?

A) Nothing. When you lease an Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler, the installation is complimentary. Alpine Fresh covers all installation costs.

Q) How often does the filter need changing on our Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler?

A) Our filters have an 18-24 month life span depending on rate of usage but because we want to ensure that everyone is enjoying Alpine Fresh water at all times our contractors will visit your business every 12 months to change the filter.

Q) How do we clean our Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler?

A) Our service contractors will automatically visit you every 12 months to clean your Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler and make sure it is all running correctly.

Q) The drip tray on our Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler is getting full. What do we do?

A) The drip tray removes easily from the front of the cooler and can be emptied down the sink. It can be run through the dishwasher every now and then as well.

Q) So with an Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercooler I don’t have to worry about getting water delivered or filling bottles anymore?

A) That’s correct. Alpine Fresh No-Refills Watercoolers plumb directly into your on-site water supply therefore eliminating all requirement for bottles. No more heavy lifting, no more wasted man-hours, and no more storing extra bottles!

Q) Can I order cups from Alpine Fresh for my new No-Refills Watercooler?

A) You sure can! We sell boxes of 1000 cups, and can send them anywhere in New Zealand within a couple of days. Just use our on-line ordering page or call us on 09 630 9000.