The No-Refills Water Cooler

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Free Standing No-Refills Water Coolers

We have selected two of the most wanted finishes for our Water Coolers so they make a stylish addition to your office environment. Fresh, clean White is always a good choice but if your cooler is located at Reception or in a more public zone, the smart modern Titanium finish would add to your furnishings. Whichever you choose, you won’t have the unsightly addition of Refill water bottles, or then annoyance of water running out.


D19 Series

Smart, modern styling in clean, fresh finish with either hot/cold or cold/cool temperature options.
The D19 series uses KDF/GAC slim line filters.

YL-600P Series

Our stylish, modern water fountains are ideal for high-use or industrial use.
Providing you filtered and chilled water also comes with a stylish tap which allows to fill up the bottles.

D5 Series Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

D5 SeriesThis D5 Series model has an easily adjustable and user-friendly thermostat which is easily accessed at the side of the cabinet.