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D5 Series Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

D5 Series

This D5 Series water dispenser has an easily adjustable and user-friendly thermostat which is easily accessed at the side of the cabinet. In a workplace environment the D5 Series water dispenser has been designed to be as quiet as possible.

The unique ‘float valve’ assembly, ‘primary float’, maintains the water level in the reservoir and shuts off when full. The refrigerant used is ozone friendly HFC-134a and the flow is controlled by a capillary tube which has no moving parts.

Fact Sheet

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Cold Water Reservoir

  • Polypropylene plastic construction
  • 12 litre capacity
  • Chilling capacity of 5litres per hour

Hot Water Reservoir

  • Stainless steel tank
  • 500 Watt sheathed heater installed in tank ensures accurate temperature control.
  • Approx. 45 cups per hour .

Technical Specifications

  • Compressors:  Hermetically sealed for silent running; permanently lubricated and protected against motor overload.
  • Condenser:Air-cooled static condenser for silent running.
  • Electrical: 240volts, 50Hz, 1.8m house cable & 3-pin plug supplied. Full load is 1.5 amps.
  • Performance: Tap1 Outlet Water approx. 9deg C. Tap 2 Outlet Water approx. 18degC. Hot Tap Outlet water approx. 88degC.
  • Weight-Packed: Cold/Cool Units -20kg, Hot/Cold Units- 22kg
  • Dimensions:Width 310mm, Depth 310mm, Height 1040mm