The No-Refills Water Cooler

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Alpine Fresh Products

Cool, clean water when space is an issue.

We also have Underbench and Benchtop options for those smaller businesses where space is at a premium and the kitchen is on site. Most models have also been designed for use in residential situations where families want non-stop filtered cool water.

Underbench Chiller

Ideal when space is at a premium as the chiller tucks away under the bench or in a cupboard, delivering chilled, filtered water from a stylish chrome tap plumbed into the sink.


Residential Benchtop Filter

Designed as a residential option this unit attaches to the kitchen faucet via a hose, and water is filtered through a benchtop CBC10 filter.


Underbench Filters

Also a residential option, this unit is plumbed under the sink with a tap set into the sink surround. This unit also uses the CBC10 filter


Other Products

We also supply complimentary products for both residential and commercial use.

KDF/GAC Slimline Filter For Commercial Use


CBC10 Residential Filter